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MiKwang Machinery Co., Ltd. is
more appreciated in the world.
It is the result of endless efforts for developing
more new and convenient technologies.
Welcome to the our homepage!

We, Mi kwang machinery, are manufacturer of various machine- stenter machine, coating machine, drying machine and film finishing machine. Since the foundation of company, we've done our best effort for customer's needs and supplied high-quality products based on technology.

We are deeply thanks for all your kindness and cooperation and promise to be your best partner.
Thank you.

All the staff
Mikwang machinery co.,ltd.

Textile Division
¤ıMegaTEX ¥² : Stenter M/C
¤ıMega Coater M/C
¤ıMega Steamer M/C
¤ıMega Calender M/C
¤ıMega Laminating M/C
¤ıMega Padder M/C
¤ıNet Dryer
Technical Division
¤ıNon-woven line & Tenter M/C
¤ıMega Film Coater M/C
Environment Division
¤ıMega Saver
A/S Support