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Mega Padder M/C  
Padder Machine
¤ı"MEGA PADDER" dye padder comprises, in general, a pair of "MEGA PADDER" rollers, enabling the squeezing effects to be adjusted easily and optionally within a wide range from a center-weighted state via a uniform state to a selvedgeweighted state by special pneumatic system and thus becomes particularly suitable for a dye padder.
¤ı"MEGA PADDER" dye padder is indispensable to get uniform dyeing effect of the fabrics. Intentional variation of pickup across the width can be got easily with our unique pneumatic pressure adjustment system for "MEGA PADDER" rollers.
¤ıIn the selection of squeezing effect degrees, the handling is quite simple and trouble-free because the required bending condition of roller can be seen directly on the "MEGA PADDER" diagram fitted on the panel and desides can be adjusted very easily on the control panel.
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