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Mega Saver  
Saver Machine
¤ıMikwang Machinery's exhaust heat recovery system is designed to prevent sticking of tar under long time operation. Therefore, it guarantee to continuous high performance of recovery system and good efficiency of energy saving.
¤ıThis system is designed simple and adopted auto washing deviceo f tar at heat exchanger, therefore, it does not require specli amaintenance.
¤ıEfficiency of heat recovery is stabile when you are working textile machine. In order to use recovered heat, it is essential the knowledge of structures of the heat setting machine and dryer. Even though recovered heat is turned in dryer, poor information about dryer may lead bad result of product whether temperature balance fails inside the heat setting room or much fuel may be consumed contrary. Our company also designs and manufactures heat setting machine and dryer. Thus, we can provide device that is technically stable.
¤ıWe expect saving efficiency of heat recovery is about 20~30%.
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